• Counseling & Therapy for Expats

    Experienced, Multilingual & International Therapists

    Wide Range of Treatment Possibilities

    Central Locations in Amsterdam & Leiden

    Counseling & Therapy by

    Native English-speaking, German-speaking & Romanian-speaking therapists.

    We offer sessions via Skype

  • Are you having a difficult time coping with major life challenges or trauma, are you dealing with depression or anxiety or are you simply desiring personal growth and great self-knowledge?

    We offer counseling and therapy to individuals.

  • Is your relationship strained because of major life transitions (relocating, starting a family, demanding jobs, stress, mental health issues, etc)?

    Our counselors specialise in couples therapy.

  • Is your family facing special challenges such as divorce, addiction, illness, bereavement, family conflicts, cultural adjustments, or trauma?

    We also offer counseling and therapy for the whole family.

  • We offer mindfulness trainings and “The Art of Living Abroad” workshops.

    We also offer in-company workshops for professionals.